Psi Sigma Phi | E.R.T.K.
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Article 3 – Officers

The Executive Round Table of Knights or E.R.T.K. is composed of both the Executive and Cabinet membership who service the operations and management of the organization. As part of the Executive Round Table of Knights, we as leaders ensured all functions are properly coordinated, followed and supervised.


Our leadership prides in maintaining the foundation and ideals of our organization while also assimilating social and global changes.


PSP shall provide a national executive body to administer, regulate, and mediate among and between chapters. This body shall be the National Board/ Executive Round Table of Knights (hereinafter referred to as the “ERTK”). The ERTK shall direct all expansion projects in accordance with the purpose of the organization. The ERTK shall be compromised of the National Executive Board and the National Board Cabinet. Officers shall be required to be present for the entirety of all National Board meetings, unless prior permission for absence is obtained from the National Board.


SECTION 1. National Executive Board


The National Executive Board shall administer operations and govern PSP. The National Executive Board officers shall consist of the following:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Vice President of Fraternal Affairs
  • Vice President of Alumni Affairs
  • Administrator
  • Treasurer


SECTION 2. National Board Cabinet


Each Cabinet member shall chair a committee corresponding to their respective positions to help better execute their duties. Cabinet members will oversee selecting members to their respective committees. Each established region shall have a regional director or regional representative as deemed necessary by the National Executive Board. The National Board Cabinet shall consist of the following:

  • Attorney General
  • Expansion Director
  • Intake Coordinator
  • Regional Directors/ Regional Representatives
  • Squire/ Recruitment Director
  • Director of Records


SECTION 3. National Board/ ERTK Terms


All National Board/ ERTK officers shall serve two (2) year term(s).