Psi Sigma Phi | Executive Board
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Executive Board

 National Executive Board


Sir Ceasar Castro

Fraternal Position: National President, 2011-2019

Ethnicity: Peruvian

Year Knighted: Spring 1997

Chapter: Dynast Delta

Education: M.A. Counseling, Montclair Sate University 

Professional Title: Academic Adviser/Retention Specialist


Sir Samuel Espinosa

Fraternal Title: Vice President, 2017-2019

Ethnicity: Dominican

Year Knighted: Spring 2004

Chapter: Gallant Gamma

Education: B.A. Criminal Justice, Seton Hall University

Professional Title: Social Worker


Sir Chazz Fellenz

Fraternal Title: Vice President of Alumni Affairs, 2018 – 2020
Ethnicity: African American and European
Year Knighted: Spring 2010
Chapter: Dynast Delta
Education: Masters of Public Administration
Professional Title: Assistant Dean of Pre-Professional Services


Sir Hector Brown

Fraternal Title: National Treasurer, 2013-2019
Ethnicity: Jamaican
Year Knighted: Fall 2008
Chapter: Gallant Gamma
Education: M.A. Law & Governance, Montclair State University
Professional Title: Consultant


Sir Jaime U. Aguilar

Fraternal Title: Vice President of Fraternal Affairs, 2018-2020

Ethnicity: Honduran

Year Knighted: Fall 2006

Chapter: Zulu Zeta

Education: M.A. Human Services Counseling-Criminal Justice, Liberty University 

Professional Title: Social Worker


Sir Britton Fannell

Fraternal Title: National Administrator, 2018-2020

Ethnicity: African-American, Jamaican

Year Knighted: Spring 2015

Chapter: Gallant Gamma

Education: B.S. Computer Science 

Professional Title: Consultant