Psi Sigma Phi | Insignia & Symbolism
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Insignia & Symbolism

The Official Colors 

The Official Colors of Psi Sigma Phi Multicultural Fraternity Inc. are Black, Silver and White.

The Shield of Psi Sigma Phi

The Shield of Psi Sigma Phi is the most commonly used symbol of the Fraternity. Its association, or denotation, is only known upon becoming a Knight. The Shield may be used only by brothers of the fraternity on official paraphernalia, stationery, and other personal properties. It is used by the organization upon its official stationery, membership certificates, and other official documents.

The Hand Sign

This is the official hand-sign of Psi Sigma Phi. It is used by Brothers as a means of acknowledgement and identification.


This is our designated fraternal name upon becoming a brother of Psi Sigma Phi.  Greek organizations distinguish our brothers by this name and identify Psi Sigma Phi brothers as a “Phiman”.