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Psi Sigma Phi Multicultural Fraternity is a proud member and co-founder of the National Multicultural Greek Council. The 1980s and 1990s saw the emergence of a multicultural fraternity/sorority movement. It seemed like new fraternities and sororities were popping up everywhere. But, not the typical fraternity and sorority. The end of the twentieth century gave birth to a colorful movement – that of multiculturalism.

Newly formed fraternities and sororities were looking to write a new page in the Greek-letter society history books. The message that they announced was the inclusiveness of all cultures, races, religions, and creeds.

Realizing the importance of uniting the new faces of Greek Life 13 GLOs came together to create a national multicultural council. The NMGC was conceptualized in 1998 with intentions to unite Greek-letter Fraternities and Sororities under one national entity.

The NMGC serves in an advisory capacity to its member organizations. Each member organization is autonomous as a Greek-letter society.


The goals of the NMGC are as follows:

To provide a forum that allows for the free exchange of ideas, programs, and services between its constituent fraternities and sororities;

To promote the awareness of multicultural diversity within collegiate institutions, their surrounding communities, and the greater community-at-large; and

To support and promote the works of its member organizations.