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Why Join Psi Sigma Phi

The road to knighthood is a step that can vital to the growth of an individual. Our organization will give you the tools on how to be successful in anything you do. Psi Sigma Phi is also dedicated to bringing men of all walks of life together for a common goal. Together we work to find a common ground to be able to provide a space for others and truly break social fears and ignorance. Our organization also creates an ever lasting bond between our members. Our members strive as leaders in the community to be scholars and to service the community.

If you are someone who wants to become a greater version of yourself than reach out to become a member of Psi Sigma Phi. Together we can accomplish a lot more on the right path. For the Almighty Knight will guide you to knighthood & greatness.


“Surround yourself with people that inspire and encourage positive change in your life. Build a team in which you can work together to support each other and build better lives.”
― Avina Celeste



“Psi Sigma Phi is an organization that prides itself on culture and as a black man in america culture is about the only thing we have. So to join an organization that celebrates every culture and not just one single culture just made the decision real easy. To be around people who didn’t necessarily look like you but shared a lot in common as well as had differences was important to me. To be able to teach and to learn was something truly special.”

Brother Devin Ray, Prodigal Pi