SQUIRE Program

S.Q.U.I.R.E. Program

Prior to becoming new members of Psi Sigma Phi, qualified interests are informally admitted into the Squire Program. As a Squire, one fosters relationships with brothers and other squires, they increase their cultural awareness and learn to organize and execute community services, programs and events. The Squire Program is beneficial to all individuals interested in the organization and it is recommended that the program be completed prior to pledging. The Squire Program is not a prerequisite or a form of “pre-pledging” for an interested individual to become a member of the organization. However the program is strongly recommended to help individuals prepare for the intake process, develop leadership skills, increase academic awareness and better understand what membership entails.

While a member of the Squire Program, individuals are required to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Attend 3 Community Services
  • Attend 3 Interest meetings. (Mock Interest Meeting)
  • Three Events (Mixers, Brother Outings, Social Events, etc.)
  • Payment plan included for all prospective interests. The purpose is to accommodate the needs of those who aren’t financially stable.
  • Fundraising Program (Minimum 1)
  • Mandatory attendance of 1 Parliamentary workshop.
  • Multicultural 20 questionnaire (1 about each squire)
  • Code of Chivalry Workshop

After successful completion of the intake process, brothers continue to enrich themselves through interaction with chapter officers, alumni, regional leadership and the National Executive Board. The new member participates in the following:

  • Workshops emphasizing professionalism, academic prowess, career development and brotherhood
  • Develop course-of-action plans for chapter constituency to reach academic and/or professional standards
  • Leadership roles
  • Yearly Leadership Conference “Phimen Summit”

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