Public Announcements


Dear Fraternity Brothers, Families, & Friends,

We extend our deepest love, condolences, and support to the family of George Floyd. George was a beloved son, father, and friend to those who had the pleasure of knowing him. He was taken from this world while pleading for his life and being shown no compassion by those who took an oath with the City of Minneapolis Police Department “To Protect with Courage and To Serve with Compassion.”

The continued unjust disparities in the treatment of people of color by law enforcement throughout the United States is a problem that needs to be addressed. The anticipated demonization of a victim that is not here to defend himself also contradicts the presumption of innocence that is the foundation of our justice system.

We urge the United States and its citizenry as a whole to take SWIFT ACTION in working towards and implementing long-overdue institutional reforms that serve in protecting lives equally and respectfully, regardless of: ancestry, birth place, color, creed, disability (behavioral, emotional, mental, and/or physical), ethnicity, gender expression and/or identity, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other status.

The Almighty Knights of Psi Sigma Phi (PSP) Multicultural Fraternity, Inc. stand with our fraternity brothers, families, and friends to continue to EDUCATE, FIGHT FOR EQUITY, and STAND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT. We understand the pain caused by this and far too many similar injustices, and we hope that all communities continue to exercise their constitutional right to protest in a way that honors those we have lost and preserves the safety of all.

In Solidarity,

Executive Round Table of Knights (ERTK)
National Executive Board & Cabinet, 2020