President’s Message

Message From the President: True Brotherhood

Society wants to know who we are, what a Phiman is, and what we can promise young men in this brotherhood. A Phiman to me is defined as both warrior and intellect. One who will fight for the unheard voices and strategize for equitable futures. It is more of an ideology or mindset if you will. It is someone who can stand alone yet their presence is that of 100 men. You see, being a part of a multicultural org, a TRUE MULTICULTURAL ORG, we acknowledge the fact that you cannot put a face or style to this brotherhood; we have no face, we have no set style. However, we do have the way of the warrior. We do share a similar mentality. And that is all we need to separate ourselves from those now trying to be like us. We strive to break social fears and ignorance in the early stages of conflict and not just when a said subject is a popular topic. We don’t follow trends and headlines, we make them!

Reality is, I cannot promise the world to any young man or professional joining our organization. However, I can promise that we can show you how to leave an impact, how to put in work, and how to use what we have to get to where we want to be in life. Success is easy if your effort matches or exceeds your aspirations. You have to be willing to put in the work. You have to be willing to be open minded and expand your mind beyond your comfort zone and/or the norms of society. Here, you have a home regardless of the type of person you are, the color of your skin, your religious beliefs, etc. Ask yourself, am I truly ready to match my efforts to my aspirations. If your answer is yes, let’s discuss your first step!

Anthony Othello Pratt Jr.
National Executive President