National Executive Board Cabinet

E.R.T.K - Executive Round Table of Knights - Cabinet

The National Executive Board Cabinet consists of the following positions:Attorney General, Expansion Director, Intake Coordinator, Regional Directors/ Regional Representatives, Squire/ Recruitment Director and Director of Records. Each Cabinet member shall chair a committee corresponding to their respective positions to help better execute their duties. Cabinet members will oversee selecting members to their respective committees. All E.R.T.K officers shall serve two (2) year term(s).

Sir Alvert Hernandez

Attorney General, 2023-2025

Ethnicity: Latino
Year Knighted: Fall 2014
Chapter: Baronet Beta
Education: B.A. English Literature at NJCU
M.A. Educational Leadership in Higher Education at Montclair State University
Professional Title: Director of First-Generation Student Initiatives at Morvarian University


Sir Ezequiel Rivera
National Expansion Director, 2023-2025

Ethnicity: Mixed
Year Knighted: Spring 2019
Chapter: Prodigal Pi
Education: Bachelor of Science from University Of North Carolina-Greensboro
Professional Title: Facilities Manager


Sir Miguel Padilla
National Intake Coordinator, 2020-2025

Ethnicity: African American and Puerto Rican
Year Knighted: Fall 2011
Chapter: Baronet Beta 
Professional Title: Retail Sales Lead

Sir Kassin Wallace Reynolds
Director of Records, 2023-2025

Ethnicity: Haitian
Year Knighted: Spring 2019
Chapter: Zulu Zeta
Education: Bachelor of Science from Ramapo College
Professional Title: Information Analyst

Sir Issa Kabeer
Director of Diversity & Inclusion, 2023-2025

Ethnicity: Mixed
Year Knighted: Fall 2020
Chapter: Xalted Xi
B.A. Religious Studies from Temple University
M.A. International Peace and Conflict from Temple University
Professional Title: Special Education Teacher/ Chaplain


ERTK - Regional Representatives

Sir Christopher Cora
Northeast Regional Director, 2019-2029

Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
Year Knighted: Fall 2001
Chapter: Zulu Zeta
Education: M.S.E. Systems Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
Professional Title:  Senior Lead Technical Project Manager

ERTK - National Multicultural Greek Council Representatives

Sir Britton Fannell
National Multicultural Greek Council Representative

Ethnicity: African American
Year Knighted: Spring 2014
Chapter: Gallant Gamma
Education: B.S. Computer Science, Seton Hall University
Professional Title: Consultant