Psi Sigma Phi Educational Foundation

The Psi Sigma Phi Educational Foundation (PSPEF) is not part of Psi Sigma Phi Multicultural Fraternity, Inc. It is a separate and independent corporation organized for the purposes listed below.  The Psi Sigma Phi Educational Foundation is a comprehensive organization with a mission to promote education, leadership and service.  Maintaining leadership in general education and multiculturalism, the organization is committed to promoting student and community success, academic excellence, and community outreach with opportunities for lifelong development.

It offers scholarships for academic achievement and leadership development and training. The organization actively challenges students to high levels of intellectual and professional accomplishment and personal growth in preparation for careers, advanced studies, and productive citizenship. The organization values diversity and equity as essential to educational excellence.


The Trustees and Directors of the Educational Foundation volunteer their time to develop and support the following:

  • Scholarships for Academic Achievement:  The Foundation provides undergraduate scholarships to many qualifying students each year and works with alumni who give back to their chapters by coordinating local chapter scholarships.
  • Michael De La O Memorial Scholarship
  • Leadership Development and Training:  Contributions from the Educational Foundation support educational programs offered at annual conferences and retreats.

In addition to contributions from brothers, corporate citizens will provide support through their social investment in the Foundation.  Through their investment, the Foundation is able to assist the Fraternity in connecting students and alumni to the corporate leaders of America.

Phi-Man Experience (to be deployed soon)


Mission Statement

The Psi Sigma Phi Educational Foundation exists to support Psi Sigma Phi’s vision and our community by promoting leadership development, scholarships and philanthropic endeavors.


Vision Statements

The Foundation‘s financial support of the Fraternity enables:

  • Quality leadership development and training experiences that shape high-caliber Fraternity leaders.
  • Scholarships which are abundant and highly sought after.
  • A tax deductible way for generous givers to endow the Fraternity’s programs and long-term growth.
  • A quality, long-term Phi-Man experience.


Values Statements

  • Service
  • Provide value to another
  • Long Term growth & legacy building
  • Enabling professional growth

All members of Psi Sigma Phi are encouraged to support the Foundation and its mission and programs through annual contributions. The Foundation will be recognized by the federal government as a 501c (3) tax-exempt corporation.  All contributions will be deductible for estate and income tax purposes.