Membership Dues

Fraternal Membership Responsibility

Membership Subscriptions are an essential part to the vitality and outreach of our Fraternity operations. It is a direct reflection of your commitment, and love for our Fraternity, but it is also an extension of fulfilling your oath you pledged to the brotherhood. Membership dues go a long way in supporting our Operational endeavors, Scholarship Fund, community service efforts, and various expenses that better equip our Fraternity to be as effective as possible in leading our organization into the future.

Pay your Membership Dues Today!

There are two options for brothers to send their dues to the National Board.

  • The easiest, fastest way to submit payment is via a secure transaction. You will receive a receipt, and confirmation from a brother to ensure a safe, recorded transaction.
  • Brothers can also mail in a check or money order payment to the National Board to the following address:

Psi Sigma Phi Multicultural Fraternity, Inc.
344 Grove St #4017
Jersey City, NJ 07302


Please note that membership dues will be applied on a fiscal year basis. Starting July 1st and ending June 30th of each year.